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The ALEPH2020 initiative (Animal source foods and Livestock: Ethics, Planet, and Human health) was launched at the end of 2020 by a broad international and interdisciplinary consortium of 40+ scientific experts. The acronym refers to the first letter of the Proto-Canaanite alphabet 'Aleph', which later also morphed into the Greek 'Alpha' and Latin 'A'. Originally, the letter was derived from the West Semitic word for 'ox' depicted in a Proto-Sinaitic glyph, on its turn likely obtained from an Egyptian hieroglyph showing a bovine head. As such, it not only represented a vocal sound and scriptural element, but also notions of strength, vitality, fertility, and generosity. Throughout human prehistory and history, animals (either hunted or domesticated) and animal source foods (ASFs) have always held these connotations, as they were essential for survival and sustenance. 

Recently, however, there is a remarkable tendency to invert their original meaning, especially in the urban centers of high-income countries. The consumption of ASFs is regularly and increasingly being represented as unethical and harmful to both our health and the planet, to the point that some advocate a diet without or with only low amounts of ASFs, and in some cases even the end of livestock farming. We argue that these astonishing claims are not only counter-intuitive but also that their scientific foundations are too often misinterpreted and presented out of context. By addressing the topics of ethics (animal health), sustainability (planetary health), and nutrition (human health), we claim that livestock and ASFs have an important role to play within an overall One Health framework.
This website aims to give an overview of the controversies related to the production and consumption of ASFs, hoping to function as a reference for those in need of state-of-the-art and comprehensive information. As a 'dynamic white paper', it should at all times be considered as imperfect work in progress and not as a static database or as settled science. The aim of this initiative is to continuously feed the various pages with new information, which implies that some of the opinions and conclusions can change due to emerging evidence and new insights
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